Little Things Mean A Lot

I have a special book in my house called, Just Little Things. It’s a book of simple observations and actions in our daily lives that can uplift us in an instant. It’s written by Nancy Vu. I keep it close at hand because it’s a book full of quiet joy. You open to any page and she reminds you of an indescribable feeling. A couple of examples are waking up on your birthday or hearing crumbs getting sucked up by the vacuum cleaner.


If I’m having a bad day, I look at it and remember, simple pleasures are the best.

I’m blessed beyond my wildest dreams. And no, I don’t have a yacht or homes all over the world. I’m only famous in my own mind. Maybe that’s why I enjoy this book. It reminds me how lucky I am because I have a life where I can enjoy the simple things. I feel like she gets me, and probably, she gets you too. Although it seems contradictory, I’m happy when I’m surrounded by people I love and when I’m having time for myself. Both of these are listed in her book.

Here’s a list of ten random ‘little things’ from the book. Maybe you can relate. By the way, it was extremely hard narrowing it to ten.

  1. A compliment from a stranger. It’s unexpected, therefore more intoxicating.
  2. When someone understands your humor. I absolutely love being with my sister because no one on the planet enjoys my ridiculous jokes like she does and I enjoy her witty quips just as much. When we were younger, we were at a church service and both of us completely lost ourselves to uncontrollable laughter – much to the dismay of my mother. Side splitting convulsions.  Honestly, now I can’t sit by her at any function where I have  to be serious.
  3. When a friend enjoys something you recommend. Validation. The things I enjoy aren’t always everyone’s cup of tea. Imagine this – maybe  I recommended Doctor Who to a friend. The next thing I know, the friend seems to avoid me. They’re not sure how to diplomatically answer that question they fear, “Did you like it?” Ahhhh, no. Then I feel a deep disappointment, like I’ve let them down. Now, imagine my joy when someone loves it.
  4. Sleeping in your own bed after being away. The older I get, the better it gets.
  5. Instant friendships. It’s like Christmas morning when I start talking to a kindred spirit and it feels so right. Usually that means they understand my humor and they might just enjoy Doctor Who. Maybe I’ll recommend it later.
  6. Lighting candles during a power outage. We recently had an ice storm in my little town. I was ready for it. I had my firewood and candles.wwyl30221 I knew where the flashlights were.  Dang that reliable electric company. They did a fantastic job of keeping everything working. Imagine my utter disappointment when the lights barely flickered. No candles needed.
  7. Clean public restrooms. This is especially great when you’re traveling. It’s like you won the lottery.
  8. Waking up and realizing your bad dream wasn’t real. Just now, I got that cringing feeling from imagining a sweat inducing, fear producing dream. Nothing’s better than the realization that it was only a dream.
  9. When someone stands up for you. Have you ever had that feeling that all eyes are on you and no one agrees with what you said? Maybe it took every bit of strength you had to even say it because you knew many wouldn’t agree. And just as you sit down, sweaty palmed and defeated, someone says, “I understand”. The gratitude you feel is overwhelming. It’s as if someone lifted a boulder from your chest.
  10. Seeing bus drivers wave at each other. Silly but this is a great feeling. We like to see people connecting with each other. We especially like it when we know the people may be underappreciated by the general public. I believe the majority of school bus drivers should be sainted by their school board members. By the way,  I don’t get that same feeling when I see two lawyers wave at each another.

I’ve barely scratched the surface on all the simple pleasures listed in Vu’s book. She has a wonderful blog, It’s good for an afternoon pick-me-up.

I’m feeling pretty warm and fuzzy right now!



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