Have You Tried Turning it Off & On Again?

There’s a funny British show I watched a few years ago called The IT Crowd. It’s  about the underappreciated IT Department of a large business. imageEvery time someone called with a computer problem, the technician would say, “Have you tried turning if off and on again?” Today, this step is SOP if your computer isn’t properly functioning. And when that doesn’t work we cuss, hit the side of the monitor and, in many cases, think nasty thoughts about our internet provider.

I turned off from my blog a few years ago and now I’m turning back on (great analogy, huh?). My blog started with my journey as an Empty Nester. I took the departure of my young ones hard, but, as with most things, I survived.

New things came into my life:

  • Fitbit. I started wearing an attractive black band on my arm that tells me to get up and take steps and then, more steps. When I talk to my friends, I find myself circling around them and saying, “Don’t mind me, I have to get my steps in.”
  • Blue Apron. Finally someone will run to the store for me–sort of. I love anything that makes life easy. Also,  I’m not throwing out half the produce I buy at the grocery store. What am I suppose to do with the rest of the cabbage when the recipe calls for half a head? And stop right there if you’re one of those people who would, of course, make soup or coleslaw. That’s  my intention but by the time I get around to it, the cabbage is brown or wilted or smelly or moldy-or a combination  of any of these states of decomposition-readymade for science class experiments. Blue Apron takes care of this problem.



My Stromboli doesn’t always look like their Stromboli.


  • Duolingo. That’s right folks, I’m learning a second language-Spanish. I’m preparing for a trip to Spain and if everyone speaks in the Present Tense, we’re good. So Spain or at least the people living along  El Camino de Santiago, let’s get on board with ‘Present Tense Month of May’. It’ll be fun.

I spent a lot of time trying to come up with the new direction for my blog. I’m what you call, ‘scattered’. I had lots of different ideas. Every time a thought popped in my head, I thought that was what I needed to blog about. I’m a runner, should I blog about running? I’m looking for the perfect (cheap) place to retire, is this blog-worthy? I’ve developed a bit of wisdom over the years, could I be so presumptuous as to dole out advice?

I finally said-Enough!

I love writing and I love blogging. I’ve decided to just throw some musings out there and hope someone reads it. If not, I’ll just read it and chuckle at how humorous I find myself to be. Along with ‘scattered’, I might be ‘delusional’.

The only promise I can make about this blog is that it won’t contain hate. I believe strongly in love and compassion and, although I don’t always act this way, I always know I should act in this manner. I believe we are connected and, because of this, we have to learn to live together. I hope-if you read this web page-you connect with me. And always know, there’s at least one  other person out there enjoying the heck out of this blog. Wink,wink!




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