Are We There Yet?

No.  The answer is no, we are not in Austin, Texas yet.  After nine hours of slow going on icy roads we finally gave up in Brownwood.

This was my view as we headed out this morning.
My view as we headed out this morning.

The temperature this morning  was a startling 7 degrees as we reloaded my daughter’s electronics in our cars.  We were afraid to leave them in the cars last night with temperatures predicted to linger in the single digits.

But hey, who doesn’t like to start their morning with an invigorating workout of moving boxes-heavy boxes?

If this post is making no sense to you, then you might read yesterday’s post because I’m just too beat to go over the whole story again.

Texas is a big state, I know that, but it should only take about seven hours to get from my home to Austin.

Nine hours later and I’m still not there.

If I head North I expect to occasionally battle icy roads.  When I head South, I expect the ice to slowly lessen and then disappear, not to get worse.

This was what the icy road looked like for most of the nine hours of the trip
This was what the icy road looked like for most of my trip

As I spent the last hour of the journey trying to reflect on the positive that I could find from this mind-numbing adventure, here is what I came up with –

**I did get much further in my Ken Follett audiobook than I ever thought I would on this trip.  That was nice.

**I saw lots of good citizens helping one another.  That was nice.

**I didn’t see many accidents.  And that was nice.

Um…..  That’s about it.  The rest of the trip was pretty miserable, long, messy and cold.

I really hope tomorrow I’m not posting from another town that’s not Austin!!

Adapted from Wikipedia's TX county maps by Set...
I think the red dot is where I am. The red dot is not Austin.


  1. Not only have I not been writing this year, I haven’t been very supportive of my fellow bloggers by reading. I see from this post, I have a lot to catch up on. I’m looking forward to it! You make me laugh. Thanks for that!
    Libby Lu


  2. Oh my gosh-be careful tomorrow. You are in my prayers. Love you. Btw, I am so impressed that you took the time to write a blog-you are amazing😊

    Sent from my iPhone



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