Turkey Bird Connections

Thanksgiving turkey in the oven

Short post today because  I got up this morning and thought, ‘Hey, maybe I’ll cook today.  Turkey sounds good.’

* * * * *

Today millions of Americans will have, basically, the same menu for lunch.  We’ve shopped together and searched the internet together for those perfect ‘turkey’ tips.

This time of year brings a connection that we don’t experience on other grocery shopping days as we trudge through the fruits and vegetables.  As we searched for that perfect yam,  maybe we actually used our words and talked to one another.  Hopefully there was a feeble smile and not a harsh word when that….. that lucky person got the last Butterball.

We have a shared connection in November in America.

We gather or try to gather our family and friends together and share this day.  It’s nice.  We even make a little effort to be  extra kind to each other.  We stay pleasant, at least until football comes on, and then, well, sometimes our ugly words come out.  Maybe, instead,  we should all watch old episodes of ‘Little House on the Prairie’.

But even as we watch our favorite teams, we feel a special connection on this day.

We are thankful because many of us realize how lucky we are.  Not everyone has it as good as we do. Not everyone has a turkey that might be undercooked the first time we check it and overcooked the next time.  Or is that just me?  (Note to self- check cooking tips on the web–again).

But raw turkey or dry turkey, we understand that Thanksgiving is about something bigger.  We eat, usually way too much, but this day is about connections-familiar, cozy, heart-warming connections with those we love.

My goal tomorrow, after the big ‘do I or don’t I get on the scales’ debate –  maybe not because there are leftovers and I can start back on that diet Monday.

I digress.  My goal for tomorrow is to continue to be kind.   And, let’s face it, that’ll be a lot easier if I don’t get on the scales.  Maybe tomorrow, I’ll think before I speak.  Maybe I’ll remember that I’m connected to others even when a big fat bird full of cornbread is not involved.

Little House on the Prairie (TV series)
Little House on the Prairie (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Yes, yes, I know, I should be cooking!!


  1. What IS the secret to actually getting the timing right on the turkey? This why my family believes in brining. (We start to drink two hours before we serve……)
    Hope it was worth all the effort!


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