Lost in Space

I’m back or I will be back later this month.  I’m leaving town today for a week but I just wanted everyone (and I know there are tons of you or five) to know I did not get run over by a bus or swept up by a tornado as is common in the panhandle of Texas.  Mostly I have been trying to figure out what to do with myself and writing quite a bit-just not here.  I came to the conclusion that I will NEVER know exactly what my purpose on this blue ball is and it’s time for me to quit worrying about it.  From here on out I will live in the moment.  Of  course if I do that I will never be able to look to the past and therefore I will never have my car keys and I won’t look ahead so there will be no retirement fund.  Maybe I better think this out a little more.

Soon I will be back posting and reading all the wonderful blogs I’ve been missing – unless I’m abducted by aliens on my trip.  See how I tied that into my title!


    • I intend to ramble about Spain shortly. It was lovely. They never made fun of (at least not to my face) my minimal Spanish delivered with a Texas accent. Gotta love the people for that fact alone.


    • I loved every minute of it. Like with every trip, I am trying to figure out how to move to Spain. I will eventually come back to reality. The people were kind and the sights beautiful. It was incredibly hot but, you know, I’m from the panhandle of Texas so I know about heat.


  1. If you want to think about the past, look at the state your body is in now. If you want to know the future, look at the state your mind is in now. But if you want to find your car keys, they’re pretty much always in the last place you look. I think Buddha said that. Hope it helps.


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