Blasting out a Blog

I have one hour to complete this post. The timer is on – ready,set,go.

The reason I have only an hour to do this task is because without deadlines, I might be here all day.

I ‘ve observed that other bloggers seem to post flawless, witty blogs almost everyday and I know they couldn’t possible spend the time I do trying to get everything just so-so.  They have interesting lives to attend to.  (And please this is not an invitation to point out how everything is not just so-so)

A good example of this is   I love that blog.  I get excited when I receive notification that a new post is available.  I like to think of this author as my mentor because she was the first person to comment on my blog and, like a dog whose head is patted, I became attached.  She makes this look so easy.  I read her post and see her readership growing and I wonder, “What can I do to be more like ‘notquiteold’?” Oh and please, let’s keep this mentor thing between you and me.  Where I see the  kinder, gentler term ‘mentored’ to describe me, she might see the harsher term ‘stalker’.

And the pictures. Goodness.  I spent two hours yesterday trying to figure out what I had done to disable my Zemanta (picture provider)  connection.  It never dawned on me that it could be a problem caused by anything other than me.  I had loaded  my first picture on a post recently, so of course, I  assumed I had inadvertently blown up Zemanta.

Do I spend too much time editing?  You tell me. (see picture) I hate to be termed as a stalker and an edophile (yuck) in the same post but I may have a problem or  at least a total lack of confidence in my grammatical skills.


  1. I didn’t even know we could do whatever that editing thing was?

    As you know, I love to read blogs. My favorites usually arrive four, maybe five, times a month in my in-box. I think well thought out and slow tends to better (with the exception of a handful of bloggers who can belt out a beautifully written blog everyday – they just have natural talent I guess).

    I always enjoy seeing your blog in my inbox.


  2. I edit alot and blog posting does take me some time. In fact, I can sit for hours writing, posting, reading … it does eat up too much time for me. But I do hear from folks that they just sit down and write – no big deal. Guess it is just a difference in style.

    Do you own thing!


    • I wish I had the confidence in my writing to post a little faster. Last night I woke up thinking I should have changed something on my last post. I’m giving it a year to get better.


  3. Gosh, it’s so good to hear that others don’t just snap their fingers and all is gold. I can’t do mine in a hurry either. Now I do a draft in Word, let it cook overnight and then read it again, add images and hit Publish. Too late. I just had another idea and wish I hadn’t been so quick.

    I agree notsoold is awfully good. Makes you want to pull out the stops and do better.


    • I embarrassed to say I still type mine at WordPress site. I need to start doing in Word because I’ve already run across a thing or two I can’t do. Thanks for stopping by. Your blog is awfully good also.


  4. That is hilarious! Gave up on posting pictures almost completely but l-o-v-e seeing them on other people’s blogs. Especially when they confirm that I’m not alone in laboring over every word and editing every single post a ba-jillion times… 🙂


  5. If you are still having problems simply go to and just install the browser side plugin of your choice e.g. Google Chrome, Safari, IE, or Firefox and we’ll have your back when you write a blog.

    Your Zemanta Friend,


    • So glad you got that out. So nice to know I am not alone. I agree with all you said. Can’t wait for you to start blogging your poetry because I love what you put out there. I hope one day to be able to expose myself that way. But for now, baby steps. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.


  6. Oh I am so glad you have brought this up! I think I am slightly dyslexic or something…Sometimes I miss the obvious. Sometimes my thoughts trip over each other. Sometimes my fingers can’t keep up with my train of thought. Sometimes I post too soon…I think. I started my blog, firstly to find a home for my bits and pieces and secondly to discipline myself to write every day but guess what…my bits and pieces haven’t seen the light of day yet because I am so techinically challenged it takes me ages working out this bloggy thingy. I see you have changed your theme a few times. I am terrified to do so…in case it all disappears loll. I need to read up on how to post poetry and I still can’t figure out how to make a list of articles on a page…in the meantime I need to write..not only for my blog but other projects..oh and I want to read everybody elses..yes everybodies and when I am reading I am not writing and the children need feed too, and played with and..and ..and…Gosh I am so relieved to see this post…and your posts are brilliant by the way….and your doing great and blogging is fun but I’m not sure if I know how to do it and so you see I am not only editing my posts, I am editing my whole notion about posting and blogging and as for zemanta…I so need to how to do this image thingy right and legal…oh what I do for the love of writing! At least I’m writing lolll


  7. I do paragraphs in my head but I can’t remember them when I get to the computer. I’m now carrying a pad of paper instead of old Walmart receipts for scribbling down notes.
    And I’m going back to the four hour minimum on editing. Today I reread my post and where I meant to say ‘mentored’ at one place, it said ‘mentor’. I corrected. Thanks for reading.


    • I write my post the night before I publish, but when I look it over the next morning, just before I hit “publish”, I always find at least one mistake. It doesn’t matter how many times I read it and spell-checked it. I think someone at WordPress is secretly changing what I write… I mean, what other explanation could there be?


  8. Thank you so much for all the kind words! Believe me, I edit lots!
    For some reason, I’ve always composed in my head…I memorize paragraphs while driving, drying my hair, drifting off in a staff meeting, following my husband around the sporting goods store, etc.
    Then when I sit down to write I have at least the first few paragraphs done. It gets me kick-started.
    And believe me too when I say that I live in terror that I am going to run out of ideas. Luckily, I keep doing stupid things, so I have lots of material.


  9. The best thing about writing is that readers have no idea how long it takes you to write! I have some posts that take hours and dozens of edits, and posts that I can dash off in ten minutes. And nobody can tell which is which…..I hope!
    Your work is worth the effort, keep it up!


  10. Haha…love the edits. I do the same thing sometimes. I tried writing them in Word first but it really didn’t help. You are a fun read.

    Can you add a follow button that doesn’t require an email subscription? I would love to add you to my blogs I follow so I can read you under my Read Blogs tab. That’s my morning paper, enjoying the blogs 🙂


  11. lol, nice post.
    On some of my posts I can spend close to an hour creating the thing, other times I can knock one out in 10-20 minutes. Makes me wonder how long it takes others…


  12. Samsies, thought I somehow messed up Zemanta, sunk a good chunk of time into it “troubleshooting”(also known as keep doing the same thing over and over again while talking to myself) until I thought to check the forum. Nice post!


  13. Hey, I live with a writer/editor and she tells me how often mistakes are missed even after a piece has passed though three editors. It’s the way of the game. The cost of the post. So relax and have fun.

    And “mentor think” or mentor thing?

    Sorry. It happens everybody. You write and edit in a different text editor before you copy and paste into WordPress. Right?



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