Routinely Speaking

When you start dabbling in the world of blogging, one of the key requirements is to blog on a regular basis to build up a following.  Let me explain why, thus far, I have failed at this.

When I close my eyes and visualize my life I see myself waking up about 6:30am and leisurely having that first cup of coffee as I do my morning readings, while ignoring that looming television. I then, ever so reverently, move into my quiet place for meditation and my mind is not filled with “What the heck was that third thing I need at the store today?” or “Will they ever find a sure-fire cure for cellulite?  Quit looking at your thighs and meditate.”  After about thirty minutes of this I move on, blessed with an inner peace.  I put on my sweats and jog to the basement to get the blood pumping with a gut ripping workout on my elliptical machine.  I don’t have an elliptical machine but we are looking into getting one.  I’m just afraid to commit to one because it’s been my experience that as soon as I do, a new better and cheaper machine with more bells and whistles will come along the next day.  Oops, that didn’t come from my place of inner peace.   After my refreshing shower, it’s on to the computer and I spend my day laughing inside as I create oh so humorous posts for my blog and I work a few hours on that best-selling novel.

Okay, that’s what I visualize but then real life gets in the way.  I wake up at 4:30am because I remember I forgot to mail that thing that is due Tuesday and it’s Monday.  How much more will it cost to overnight it?  I blindly find my way to the coffee pot and pour a cup.  As I head upstairs, I’m made aware that I filled the cup too full when the hot liquid burns my foot and stains my carpet.  Back downstairs for the carpet cleaner.  After a thorough scrubbing of the carpet, my coffee is now cold.  I eventually make it to my chair to begin my morning routine and I remember that today is what is termed as “billing day” in my work world and I have a lot to do before I can even think about blogging.  I run to the shower never once thinking about that phantom elliptical machine in the basement.  I rush back down to my  computer, again spilling my coffee, cursing and, this time, half-heartedly wiping the stain with an old tissue from my pocket.   It just goes downhill from there.  After a trip to the post office at about 3:00pm, I realize how I’m exhausted because of my early wakeup so I sit down and vow to watch only one rerun of “The New Adventures of Old Christine”-(that show is hilarious).  After three episodes I have to start getting motivated about whatever the evening holds.  I tell myself I will get up early in the morning and write, write, write.

This isn’t how I pictured my empty nest years.  Things were suppose to slow down and I was supposed to have all kinds of time.  Things haven’t slowed.  I understand that I must develop a routine if I’m to write.  And now, as I spend way too much time contemplating why this is so hard for me, I realize it’s just how I am.  I’m crazily unorganized.  I procrastinate and I daydream.  What to do?  I know!  If I can just make it until January 1st, I feel a New Year’s resolution coming on – again!


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